Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are Redlight cameras in San Diego coming to an end?

Per story:  The vendor that runs San Diego's photo red-light program plans to switch off the cameras at 15 intersections on Friday, pending a decision from Mayor Bob Filner on whether to renew the contract.
It won't be a long wait.
Filner has announced a news conference for 10:30 a.m. Friday at North Harbor Boulevard and West Grape Street, which The Watchdog has identified as the most prolific intersection for photographing scofflaw license plates and mailing $490 tickets by mail.
The camera contract ends today, and The Watchdog has been asking about the status of the long-running program all week. The answer initially was that the cameras would be switched off on a temporary basis, pending the decision from Filner, which would come at an unspecified later time. Then, late Wednesday, the news conference was announced.
The spokesman for the city department that handles the program, Bill Harris, said Filner has been evaluating options given to him by city staff for the future of the program.
"The mayor has been presented with the options for the program and is considering what works for the city," Harris said Wednesday morning.

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  1. Nice story Aaron. These cameras are set up to be fraudulent when taking the picture too soon. They're money makers for the wrong people. Glad to see them go!!!