Monday, July 16, 2012

Arrested at the 2012 San Diego Over the Line (OTL) Tournament?

Its that time of year again for the (2012) 59th Annual Over the Line (OTL) Tourney at Fiesta Island at Mission Bay in San Diego. OTL is a form of softball on sand, limited to 1,200 teams of three persons each, playing almost 2,400 games in two weekends with 60,000 expected to attend. This is a great event where people go to enjoy the sun, scenery and cold drinks. If you plan on attending this year in San Diego and also plan on consuming alcohol, please make sure that you are responsible. Police are out in full force and will not tolerate people acting out. Every year many people are arrested for public intoxication, assault and battery or DUI. If you have had the unfortunate situation of being arrested during or following San Diego OTL tourney, contact San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Aaron T. Hicks for a free consultation at 619-940-5566 or or visit us at

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New site launched 7/6/12

We have changed our website and our new domain name is now Please check out our new site and contact us for a free consultation if you or someone you know has been arrested in San Diego County. - Law Offices of Aaron T. Hicks (619) 940-5566